Formulated By A Veternarian
Medicated Flake Food-Special For Wasting Disease

"If You Have Never Treated For Wasting Disease Your Fish May Have It!!"

Dear Friend,

Due to the nature of this product I must make you aware:
This is no attempt for me to diagnose or give advice in medicating your fish but to share with you what has worked for me after seeking professional services of a Veternarian.

With any medication act responsible and seek Professional Help.

This food is for ornamental fish only and in no way will be sold for treatment of fish for human consumption.
In addition I am not allowed to make available this medicated food to the general hobbyist, only commercial and large operations who breed or maintain multiple tanks will be able purchase this product.


there's a Medicated Flake Food for wasting disease
We No Longer Have To Add Medicine To Paste Food.

And if you want the convinence to feed Medicated Food without the mess for the healthiest fish...then this is definitely for you.

A Veternarian an I developed this food out of desperation in the early 1990's when a epidemic of wasting disease broke out and the standard mecidinces would not work.

Since then many have imitated but never got correct what it takes to cure wasting disease. Beware of those who offer only one medication to control this disease.

Wasting disease is were a combination of parasites and bacteria internal to the fish, making your fish abnormally thin.

Even thou your fish may not show signs of wasting disease there is other signs

Ask youself these questions:

  • Are your fish not eating well?
  • Are your fish not breeding like they use to?
  • Are your fish not growing to their full potential?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you may have wasting disease.

Fish that show no outwards signs can fight this disease but if their immune system gets weak for what ever reason the disease will consume them

I know every time I treat for this:

  • My tanks fill up with babies
  • They start eating like it was their last meal
  • I experience growth better than before

This medicated flake food covers most anything that could be making your fish sick and

It's NOT Like Any Of Those Generic Drugs You Find In Pet Stores...

Or even on the Internet!

Here's why this Medicated Flake Food is Vastly Superior to anything you've seen or tried:

  • First This Formula Was Created by a Veternarian Who Specializes in Treating Fish.
  • Electron Microscope was used to make proper Identification of pathogens To Determine Why Fish are Wasting in Determining Which Medications Work Best For This Disease.
  • The dosage of medicine is the STRONGEST on the market, most other formulas have the wrong dosage
    Worst yet many are too weak to do the job, My Medicated Flake a little goes a long way.
  • I UseThree Kinds Of Medicine That Works Best For Your Fish. (Not all medicines are the same...and using these specific three medicines together are better than using each individually this can create a Synergistic Effect.)

    This could make a huge difference in your Fish's health and vitality!
  • I Use a Little-Known Secret making the Medicated Flake Food, it Will Make This More Bio-Available so The Medicine is Absorbed Readily!
  • This Medicated Flake Food is Formulated in Two Parts,
    A and B using Two Different Antibiotics
    Each to be Fed at Different Times A Simple Strategy... To Avoid Anti-Biotic Resistance!
  • I Found You Should Never Use Only One Medicine for Sick Fish. (Many Times it Leaves Your Fish Open for Secondary Infections!)
  • I've Added Nutrients to Build Up the Immune System of Your Fish, Cleansing the Internal System of Fish with Medication...Can Be Harsh! (We Want to Minimize Losing Fish Due to Stress In a Weaken State.)
  • Additional HUFA's Have Been Added as Another Building Block To Boost Your Fish's Health During This Treament!
  • Extra Flavor Enhancing Ingredients Have Been Added...To Encourage Your Fish To Eat!
  • LARGE FLAKES so you control the size of particles being fed to your fish.
  • Treatment Is Simple Feed Part A for One Week, Rest One Week, Feed Part B The Following Week. That's It.

1) This Medicated Food comes in two parts, Part A and Part B to be fed at different intervals.
2) Each portion is 2 oz. totaling 4 oz. of medicated food.
Each portion will feed over 80 tanks of guppies for the treatment duration.
3) With the additional ingredients added for immune boosting and flavor enhancers It is best to have just enough Medicate Food to maintain the freshness and integrity.
4) Due to the strength of the formulation a little goes a long way, saving you money and convenience of not having to store large quantities of food that may not be effective next time you use it.

If This Interest You, Buy It Now for $16.00, Shipping and Handling Included(Those who need to feed more fish contact for special bulk pricing)

For the fastest method of payment use PayPal and your package will be shipped Priority Mail

Foreign orders by quote only - $16.00 U.S.A. orders only


Ed Chiasson


P.S. The Introductory low price of only $16 is part of a market test I'm conducting. This product will be selling offline for more. Once I've completed my market test, I know I'll be increasing the price. So if you're at all interested, you should buy right now.

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